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Butyl Acetate

Isoamyl Acetate

Amyl Alcohol

Rose Bengal (Acid Red 94)

Ascorbic Acid


Hydroxylamine Sulphate

Amyl Acetate


Industries Served


The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications

Fragrance & Flavors

Flavors and fragrances are integral components of packaged foods and other consumer goods.

Foundry Industry
Foundry Industry manufacturers metal cast components for applications in Auto, Tractor, Railways, Machine tools, Sanitary, Pipe Fittings etc

Textile Industries

The textile industry is primally concerned with the production and design of clothing, yarn,cloth and their distribution.

Leather chemical

Leather chemicals are a class of products that are used in the treatment of animal hides for the production of leather.


Petrochemicals are a set of very specific chemical compounds, which can be made from oil, natural gas, coal or other sources.

Fine and Specialty Chemical manufacturers

Fine and specialty chemicals industry is dominated by high unit cost and high raw material costs. Fine chemicals are used as ingredients or as intermediates in the production of more complex specialty chemicals.

Paints, Coatings & Ink manufacturers

Paints and Coating industry is one of the largest consumer of Solvents and the end product is used for decoration and protection purpose

About Us

M/s. Premier Solvents is one of the leading manufacturers of Iso Amyl Alcohol, Iso Amyl Acetate. The company is now an established brand name in the chemical market known for its high quality and economically priced products.
We are D&B D-U-N-S® registered, to adher on quality we source chemicals from reputed manufacturers from our vendor data base. All our products stand high on verge of all quality so that they can easily withstand the competition.